simple wedding dresses nzflower girl dressesPhotographs will be Yours for a Lifetime to Share and Cherish

We can’t stress enough the need for a professional Wedding photographer for your special day. The Limo will be long gone, the cake eaten, the music just a memory- but the photographs will be yours for a lifetime to share and cherish.

Wedding Photographers should have many years experience with various types of weddings. Sometimes a predominantly Catholic ceremony photographer will not be familiar with the events at a Protestant, Baptist, Jewish or Muslim wedding. It’s best to select a photographer who specializes in your needs for todays Modern Wedding Couple.

 Most wedding dates are booked at least a year in advance and since most photographers only require a small deposit, its money well spent to assure your date is reserved with the photographer of your choice.

Gone are the days of 35mm snapshots. Today most professionals use high resolution Digital cameras, which give the highest quality possible to assure clear and colorful photographs and enlargements that you would be proud to display and show your friends and family.

Sweetheart Bridesmaid DressesIn addition, your special needs should be discussed extensively, especially where you want to have the formal group Wedding photos taken and assuring everyone shows up. We often tell couples to visit several photographers to get ideas on the types of photos they like. Such as romantic or candlelight poses. Or which ones they may not want at all. Each couple has an idea of the types of photos they would like to have and you deserve to get them. Today, a more Jounalistic look is most popular, with small details accenting the overall Bride & Groom experience.

If you find a photographer you feel comfortable with and are satisfied with the style and quality of his or her work, then the cost should not be overly important. Remember how much other items in the Wedding cost and we can easily justify a quality and professional Photographer to capture your special day and Lifetime moments!

Following are some other important items to keep in mind:

  • Most wedding festivities last eight to twelve hours, so a limited coverage package should only be selected if you are absolutely sure this type of coverage will be adequate.
  • Provide dinner for your Photographer and consider tipping him or her if they do a good job.
  • Assure additional photographic services are available; such as textures, special effects and composites.
  • Converting images to Black & White should also be available.
  • A good way to become familiar with your photographer is by scheduling a portrait session. If you like the photos, chances are you’ll like the wedding photos. If you don’t like the portrait photos….beware.
  • Service after the wedding is the key to all successful photographers. Providing proofs, CD’s and finished photos within the specified time frame is a must!
  • Photographers should be involved in Professional Organizations or Clubs to assure they are familiar with current trends, styles and technologies.
  • Choose a photographer who can show you new and interesting poses, but who is still able to provide quality traditional coverage.

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